Prior to submitting your dissertation:

  • You must successfully defend your dissertation.
  • You’ll need to decide if you want to register your copyright. Copyright registration is optional, and the fee is $55 through ProQuest. You should pay the fee directly to ProQuest either electronically.
  • You'll need to decide whether you want Traditional Publishing or Open Access Publishing** through ProQuest. This decision cannot be changed after the submission is complete. There is no fee for Traditional Publishing. The fee for Open Access Publishing is $95. Please visit the ProQuest LLC website for more information. If you opt for Open Access, you will pay the fee directly to ProQuest. 
  • **You may make your dissertation available via open access for free through IU Libraries’ IUScholarWorks site. Submission to IUScholarWorks should be made only after the University Graduate School confirms your dissertation within ProQuest has been accepted for publication.

How to Submit

Learn more about formatting requirements »

You must submit your dissertation online through ProQuest. Make sure you read all submission instructions before attempting to submit through ProQuest.

Go to ProQuest now »

Once at the site, select “Submit my dissertation/thesis,” and follow the instructions. When creating your account, enter the email address you use most. Once you’ve completed the final step, you will receive an email confirming your submission. You’ll learn by email whether your dissertation requires any formatting changes within about a week. If so, the email you receive will contain instructions for making these.

Other methods of submission are available. For more information contact the Doctoral Recorder Shelly Gerber-Sparks at

You must also bring the following items to the University Graduate School in Wells Library Roome E546:

  • A signed acceptance page. No proxy, electronic, copied, or other non-original signatures are permitted. Learn about acceptance page formatting requirements »
  • A signed abstract. If your original abstract is not in English, please also turn in an English version. No proxy, electronic, copied, or other non-original signatures are permitted. If your abstract is longer than one page, submit all pages so that the complete abstract is submitted. Learn about abstract requirements »

Students who opt to place an embargo (also known as a delayed release) on their dissertation are required to submit a bound, hardcover copy of their dissertation to be included in the university library. The bound copy should be on 8 1/2 X 11 inch, watermarked, 100% cotton bond. Dissertations sent to the university library are restricted from circulation but may be requested and viewed in the Wells library. By the final deadline for the month in which you wish your degree to be conferred, you must submit an invoice to the University Graduate School showing the binding has been ordered and paid for with the book to be delivered to the UGS office. The invoice should list the UGS address as the shipping address if the student wishes the degree to be awarded before the bound copy has been printed and delivered. The shipping address to use is:

University Graduate School

Attn: Doctoral Recorder

Wells Library

1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546

Bloomington, IN  47405

Dissertation embargoes for longer than two years must be approved by the Associate Dean of the University Graduate School. Such a request should be submitted, in writing, to the PhD Recorder in the University Graduate School. All requests for embargoes longer than two years are considered on a case-by-case basis. The need for a longer embargo needs to be well-justified and the written request should include a detailed rationale for the longer embargo.

Bindery Options for Bound Copies:


Students may order a bound copy through ProQuest however the order must be completed within the student's ProQuest account prior to submitting the dissertation the very first time. If students do not place the order prior to submitting the dissertation, the order cannot be made until after the dissertation has been delivered to ProQuest for publication. Since the policy related to embargoes states that a receipt showing the bound copy has been paid for and ordered to be shipped directly to the University Graduate School (UGS) must be received before the degree can be awarded, students who place an embargo on their dissertation but do not order through ProQuest prior to submitting their dissertation will need to use another bindery to order the bound copy for the UGS.  Students in this situation should not send the dissertation to the other bindery until the final version is approved within ProQuest.

Thesis On Demand:

(800) 334-3628

Thesis On Demand Website

An online option for IU graduate students. Cost is based on the number of pages and other factors.