Student Stats

Student demographics

There are more than 51,000 students enrolled at IU Bloomington, including over 10,600 graduate and professional students. 

2023 IU Bloomington graduate and professional student enrollment data


3,366Doctoral Research

888Doctoral Professional

2023 Race and Ethnicity Data

3,414 (31.92%)International

640 (5.98%)Asian Americans

424 (3.96%)African American

312 (2.9%)Two or More Races

5,132 (47.98%)White

640 (5.98%)Hispanic/Latino

4 (<1%)Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander

5 (<1%)American Indian/Alaska Native

123 (1.15%)Unknown

2023 IU Bloomington Graduate and Professional Student Enrollment Data

5,200 (48.62%)Female

5,494 (51.37%)Male