Student Organizations

What do you love to do? Whatever it is, someone else at IU loves to do it, too.

Getting involved in a student organization can help you connect to the field or industry you’re most interested in pursuing. It’s also a great way to grow your professional network. Take a look at the organizations you’ll have access to as a University Graduate School student.

Graduate and Professional Student Government

The Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG), which serves more than 8,000 students, can help connect you to the graduate student community at IU. The organization collaborates regularly with University Graduate School faculty to improve the quality of grad life at IU Bloomington. GPSG provides resources and academic support to graduate students, cultivates a graduate student community, and advocates for the best interests of graduate students.

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Activities and Organizations at IU

You have more than 750 student and activities and organizations available to you on campus, covering a variety of interests: foreign languages, service, the arts, politics, sports—you name it!

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National Graduate Student Groups

National graduate student organizations can connect you with professionals in your industry and greatly expand your network. Here are some national organizations in which some of our graduate students participate: