Graduate Bulletin

The answers to all your questions are in one place. The University Graduate School (UGS) Bulletin is your comprehensive guide to graduate school at IU.

Need to know how to transfer credits or what courses are offered in your department? The UGS Bulletin can answer these questions. It provides up-to-date details on:

  • Admission requirements and processes
  • University Graduate School policies and procedures
  • Degree requirements
  • Financial aid
  • Special academic opportunities
  • Programs and courses offered

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Faculty & Staff

Graduate faculty and staff should ensure that any program or course changes they have initiated are reflected in the UGS Bulletin.

The bulletin is updated annually. The Graduate School reminds programs and departments to update their entries in September and provides instructions. Updates are usually due in November.

Please send updates to The University Graduate School ( 

If you have received final approval for a new academic program, please also notify Jeff Rutherford, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs.