University Graduate School processes are guided by clear policies to ensure quality, consistency, and efficiency among graduate programs.

The University Graduate School Bulletin is the most comprehensive resource on graduate school policies and procedures. It spells out policies on grading, department transfers, residence requirements, and more, and is updated regularly. Go to the bulletin »

If you are planning to propose a new course or graduate program, you should be aware of the policies and procedures required.

Student Resources

IU’s Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct lays out policies and expectations regarding all students at IU, including graduate students. Faculty should refer students to the code of conduct and be aware of the policies themselves. Go to the code of conduct »

The Handbook for Student Academic Appointees makes clear the terms and benefits of student academic appointments, as well as an appointee’s responsibilities. Faculty should refer student academic appointees to this resource and be aware of the policies themselves. Go to the handbook »