Submission Methods


Master’s degree candidates have two options for submitting theses: electronic submission or bound paper submission.

Be sure to stay on top of of the deadlines for the various steps for submission. Track your deadlines »

  • Electronic Method

    You must submit your thesis online through ProQuest. Make sure you read all submission instructions before attempting to submit through ProQuest. View the instructions and submit »

    Once at the site, select “Submit my dissertation/thesis,” and follow the instructions. When creating your account, enter the email address you use most. Once you’ve completed the final step, you will receive an email confirming your submission. You’ll learn by email whether your thesis requires any formatting changes within about a week. If so, the email you receive will contain instructions for making these.

    You must also submit an original signed acceptance page to the University Graduate School. You can do this before or after submitting your master’s thesis. No proxy signatures are allowed. You may Submit these to our office in Wells Library, Room E546. 

    What’s an acceptance page? »

  • Bound Paper Method

    Submit two bound copies to the University Graduate School in Wells Library Room E546.

    You may make arrangements for the bindery to send these copies to the Graduate School; however, the University Graduate School must receive the bound copies before the degree can be certified and/or awarded.

    The two copies are for the library, but you may also be required to submit at least one additional bound copy of the thesis to your department. Check with your department for details.

    One of the two copies must include original signatures of all your committee members on the acceptance page. The other can be a photocopy.

    What’s an acceptance page? »

    Local Binderies
    • Smith Bookbindery
      COPY 112 W. 10th Street
      Bloomington, IN 47404
      (812) 332-2743

      Monday and Tuesday, noon–5:30 p.m.
      Friday, noon–5 p.m.
      Closed Wednesday and Thursday

    • Thesis On Demand
      (800) 334-3628

      An online option for IU graduate students. Cost is based on the number of pages and other factors. For a quote, complete the order form or call the HF Group for more information.

      View the company’s website »