The Graduate Mentoring Center

The Graduate Mentoring Center was founded in 2014 under the auspices of The University Graduate School and through the generous funding of the President's Diversity Initiatives. We are part of the Indiana University community of scholars who are committed to helping graduate students succeed during and after their graduate school journey.

Second Annual Welcome Week What's in your Toolbox? 
August 16, 17, 18, 2016
Join us for 30-minute information sessions about resources available to you.
Noon-4 p.m.
Social Science Research Commons
Woodburn Hall 200
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To provide graduate students mentorship through various programs and events that support their successful degree completion and entry into the professoriate and/or other professions.


To develop and help graduate an intentional community of scholars who are culturally diverse and competent, mindful, and who consistently produce innovative research and creative works that have viable and sustainable impact on their communities.

To learn more about what we do and why, watch Mentoring Future Mentors. To review and register for our programs, please regularly check our calendar for upcoming events.


Programs are delivered in safe spaces and are designed to create success through community-based and culturally responsive approaches. They fit within one or more of the following five tenets: Balance, Community, Culture, Mentorship, and Scholarship.

Together these five tenets and the programs offered through them form five holistic strands for understanding graduate student experiences and assisting them, postdoctoral fellows, staff, faculty, and alumni to create and sustain viable mentoring relationships and communities during and after Indiana University.

Programs that meet one or more of the objectives of the tenets also offer graduate students a path towards deeper self-awareness, decreased stress, long-lasting cultural understanding, increased productivity, and innovative research that can lead to a successfully completed dissertation and fulfilling careers within and outside of the professoriate. 


Maria E. Hamilton Abegunde, PhD

Abegunde Headshot

Yoo Young Ahn

Graduate Assistant - Operations
PhD Candidate, Literacy, Culture, and Language Education
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Cari Friesen

Graduate Assistant - Programs
PhD Candidate, Ethnomusicology
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Ian Ermatinger-Salas

Graduate Assistant – Grants – IUPUI
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