Financial Support

Fellowships & Awards

Fellowships and awards are great financial support options for graduate school. They do not require repayment and often come with no requirement other than academic progress.

Graduate students at IU find support through internal fellowships and awards, which is money that comes directly from IU.

External fellowships and awards are also available, which can come from organizations and corporations unaffiliated with the university.

Research grants are also available. You can learn more at Academics & Research »

Submission Procedures

Decisions regarding most awards are made by individual graduate programs and can involve a stipend plus tuition and health insurance. The amount and length of these awards varies according to the award and the graduate program.

In many cases, you will need to apply to be considered for the awards listed above. Submit your application directly to your department.

Similarly, you may need to be nominated by a faculty member or department for consideration. Make sure you’re in communication with your department about all fellowship opportunities.

Every department or school has its own internal deadlines for nomination for these awards. Check with your individual department or school about internal deadlines.