Student Successes

Evelyn Carter

Ph.D. in Psychology

What degree are you working toward?

I am currently a social psychology Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences. My research is broadly on stereotyping and prejudice, with a focus on the factors that influence the detection of racial bias, as well as how people discuss their experiences with discrimination with others.

Why did you choose graduate school at IU Bloomington?

My path to IU is a little different than most: after two years in a Ph.D. program in Chicago, my graduate advisor relocated here, and I decided to move with her. One of the first things I noticed is that IU's campus community is welcoming and the students are active in many different groups. I love that graduate students here are encouraged to do more than just go to class and do research, which leads to a more enriching experience.

What’s been your favorite academic accomplishment since you’ve been here?

The qualifying exam is one of the most daunting tasks in a doctoral program, second only to the dissertation. Even though I was terrified of the thought of reading all things social psychology for an entire summer and then taking an essay-based exam, I quickly discovered how useful an exercise it was. I'm proud of all the information that I learned during that summer, but what I love even more is that I've actually retained a good amount!

What do you enjoy most about life in Bloomington?

Because Bloomington is a small town, it doesn't take long to get anywhere. My commute is, on average, 10 minutes long--maybe 15 in traffic. Since I don't spend a ton of time traveling to and from campus, I've had more time to try out some new activities. Not everything stuck (I'm looking at you, gardening), but I was able to discover some hidden hobbies that I'll definitely keep up with once I finish school.