University Graduate School staff members are available to answer your questions.

Our office is located in the East Tower of the Wells Library, on the 5th floor, room E546.

Send general University Graduate School inquiries to:

University Graduate School
Wells Library
1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-8853
  • James Wimbush

    James Wimbush
    Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs and Dean of the University Graduate School
    Bryan Hall 115
    Phone: 812-855-2739

  • David Daleke

    David Daleke
    Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences and Associate Dean of the University Graduate School
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-6902

  • Maria Hamilton Abegunde

    Maria Hamilton Abegunde
    Post Doctoral Fellow; Director of the Graduate Mentoring Center
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: (812) 855-8853

  • Jack Schmit

    Jack Schmit
    Assistant Dean
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-9140

  • Bianca Evans

    Bianca Evans
    Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-6752

  • Jeff Rutherford

    Jeff Rutherford
    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-4010

  • Kim Bunch

    Kim Bunch
    Director of Finance and Administration
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-1119

  • Michelle Merrell
    Administrative Secretary
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-4794

  • Jennifer Barron

    Jennifer Barron
    McNair Scholars Program Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-4005

  • Ryan Carlberg
    Administrative Assistant to Dean Wimbush
    Bryan Hall 115
    Phone: (812) 856-5708

  • Duke Gatsos

    Duke Gatsos
    Graduate Fellowships and Awards Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-1362


  • Shelly Gerber-Sparks
    PhD Recorder
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-9345

  • Sarah Larson
    Program Coordinator, IU-MSI STEM Initiative
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-7463

  • Erin Miller

    Erin Miller
    Administrative Assistant to Dean Daleke
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-856-2786

  • Beth Nicodemus

    Beth Nicodemus
    Systems and Database Specialist
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-8854

  • Judy Post
    Graduate Admissions and Continuing Non-Degree Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-856-4503

  • Nan Harvey

    Anna Vinson-Chastain
    Database Analyst
    Carmichael Center 201E
    Phone: 812-856-5226

  • Whichello Erica

    Erica Whichello
    Master's Recorder
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-1117

  • Joey Wooley
    Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-4039

    Joey supports several recruitment events for the University Graduate School including Getting U Into IU, Summer China Scholarship Program, and several other programs.