University Graduate School staff members are available to answer your questions.

Send general University Graduate School inquiries to:

University Graduate School
Wells Library
1320 E. 10th Street, Room E546
Bloomington, IN 47405
(812) 855-8853
  • James Wimbush

    James Wimbush
    Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Multicultural Affairs and Dean of the University Graduate School
    Bryan Hall 115
    Phone: 812-855-2739

  • David Daleke

    David Daleke
    Vice Provost for Graduate Education and Health Sciences and Associate Dean of the University Graduate School
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-6902

  • Maria Hamilton Abegunde

    Maria Hamilton Abegunde
    Post Doctoral Fellow; Director of the Graduate Mentoring Center
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: (812) 855-8853

  • Jack Schmit

    Jack Schmit
    Assistant Dean
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-9140

  • Bianca Evans

    Bianca Evans
    Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-6752

  • Jeff Rutherford
    Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-4010

  • Kim Bunch

    Kim Bunch
    Director of Finance and Administration
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-1119

  • Nan Harvey

    Nan Harvey
    Database Analyst
    Carmichael Center 201E
    Phone: 812-856-5226

  • Beth Nicodemus

    Beth Nicodemus
    Systems and Database Specialist
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-8854

  • Danielle Ball

    Danielle Ball
    Department Secretary
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-4794

  • Jennifer Barron

    Jennifer Barron
    McNair Scholars Program Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-4005

  • Shelly Gerber-Sparks
    PhD Recorder
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-9345

  • Julia Jennings

    Julia Jennings
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Bryan Hall
    Phone: 812-855-5697

  • Erin Miller

    Erin Miller
    Administrative Assistant to Dean Daleke
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-856-2786

  • Kathleen Sullivan

    Kathleen Sullivan
    Graduate Fellowships and Awards Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-1362

  • Whichello Erica

    Erica Whichello
    Master's Recorder
    Wells Library E546
    Phone: 812-855-1117

  • Autumn Winfrey

    Autumn Winfrey
    Graduate Admissions and Continuing Non-Degree Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-856-4503

  • Rebecca Conway Winkle

    Rebecca Winkle
    Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator
    Wells Library, E546
    Phone: 812-855-4039