Garrett Carter

Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs

What is your hometown?

Dayton, Ohio

Where did you complete your Undergraduate Studies?

University of Cincinnati

What is your major?

Higher Education and Student Affairs

What degree are you working toward?

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in Higher Education Student Affairs (HESA) and also completing my principal's license. 

Why did you choose graduate school at IU Bloomington?

I chose to attend graduate school at IU Bloomington because HESA is a top program in the national college rankings. Additionally, the school is located within three hours of my hometown which allows me the flexibility to go home as needed.

What's been your favorite academic accomplishment since you've been here?

My favorite academic accomplishments since I've been here are getting back into the academic game, doing well in my program and having the flexibility to research and write about topics I am interested in studying. I completed my master's degree in 2009 and then taught middle school language arts for six years, but the transition back to school was easier than I expected. My doctoral program really allows me the freedom to own my education which is something that I appreciate.

What do you enjoy most about life in Bloomington?

I would have to say my friends are what I most enjoy about life in Bloomington. I am a member of the Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA) and I cannot imagine my life in Bloomington without the friends I have made from this organization. I also appreciate IU's culture which I experience with my friends. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend speeches from famous politicians, operas and other memorable events that have enriched my time here.