Angel Nathan

Ph.D. in Higher Education and Student Affairs

What is your hometown?

Lithonia, Georgia

Where did you complete your Undergraduate Studies?

The University of Georgia

What is your major?

Higher Education and Student Affairs

What degree are you working toward?

I am working toward a degree in higher education.  In particular my research looks at Black student positionally on predominately white campuses.  

Why did you choose graduate school at IU Bloomington?

IU Bloomington offers a host of amazing resources because of the institutions rich history in the preparation of educators.  For me IU was a great fit because it offered a different regional experience, while providing a large university feel that I was accustomed to from my undergraduate experience.

What's been your favorite academic accomplishment since you've been here?

My favorite academic accomplishment will occur this summer (2016).  I will present a paper at an international conference over my research.  I am excited and a bit nervous, but I look forward to the opportunity to share my interest with scholars for their feedback.  

What do you enjoy most about life in Bloomington?

Life in Bloomington is quiet.  There are not many distractions to derail you from your goals.  That is something I have come to appreciate the longer I am here.