Commitment to Diversity

Recruitment Visits

GU2IU Spring 2015

The Indiana University Graduate School will host a spring Getting You Into IU, a Bloomington campus visit program for prospective underrepresented and minority students on April 9-12, 2015. This is an all-expense paid trip for highly qualified future PhD and MFA applicants to visit Indiana University Bloomington and the First Nations Education and Cultural Center (FNECC) of Indiana University. Participants will learn more about IU’s Ph.D. and M.F.A. programs, research opportunities and funding options and meet with faculty and current graduate students. As an added bonus, program participants are invited to attend the Symposium on Resistance and Resilience and join the 3rd Annual Community Wellness Dance hosted by the FNECC. All dance categories welcome, so bring your regalia. See  flyer.

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Faculty Nomination here

Application deadline has been extended to March 9th, 2015

Recruitment Fellowship

If you’ve been offered a recruitment fellowship and you’re thinking about visiting IU Bloomington, you may be eligible for travel reimbursement through one of our diversity recruitment programs. The University Graduate School funds recruitment visits for select underrepresented minority applicants to help carry out our commitment to a building a diverse student body.

To apply for a reimbursement, your department must submit a Request for a Student Recruitment Visit form accompanied by a copy of your fellowship offer letter.

You and your department are responsible for coordinating the visit.

As soon as you are admitted, contact your department or school to schedule your visit.

Getting You into IU Fall 2015

Getting You into IU (GU2IU) is a multi-day recruitment program that brings underrepresented and minority prospective Ph.D. and M.F.A. applicants to Indiana University Bloomington to learn about the programs they are interested in applying and to get a first hand view of the campus and community. IU pays all the costs of the visit, including lodging, transportation, meals, and travel to and from the airport.

The 2015 Getting You into IU program takes place October 2015. Apply by the September 8th deadline. You’ll be notified of whether you are accepted by September 25th, and we’ll ask for you to respond with your decision by September 29th.

The program is open to underrepresented and minority undergraduate seniors and master’s students interested in applying to specific Ph.D. and M.F.A programs.